jueves, 1 de agosto de 2013

Spanish classes + Ski package: U$D 690

Ski package: 

Return bus tickets from Buenos Aires to Bariloche  
Free transfers from Bariloche Bus terminal to your accomodation   
7 day ski pass 

Spanish classes:

20 hs Group lessons  
Textbook and other materials
On site orientation about Bariloche area
Cafeteria in the school
Level test
Certificate of attendance
After school activities twice a week

How to arrive in Bariloche on a direct bus:

If you are travelling throughout Argentina, and woud like to come in Bariloche on a direct ride, there are some interesting transportation options you can use. Here you are some:
Buenos Aires to Bariloche: Companies: Via Bariloche, Crucero del Norte, Nueva Chevallier, El Valle, Via Tac, El Rapido Argentino, Andesmar. The ride takes: 18 hs aprox. The cost is around: $180us one way.
Mendoza to Bariloche: Companies: Andesmar and TRAMAT. The ride takes: 19 hs aprox. The cost is around: $200us one way.
Cordoba to Bariloche: Companies:  Via Tac, T.U.S, Chevallier. The ride takes: 9 hs aprox. The cost is around: $175us one way.

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