martes, 19 de abril de 2016

Our family had an ideal vacation studying spanish at La Montaña in Bariloche!!

Our family had an ideal vacation studying spanish at La Montaña in Bariloche -- it was fun, relaxing, and culturally enriching.  It is wonderful for the whole family to study spanish together, and we have greatly improved our skills with the language. 

What´s more, it took almost no effort to arrange this vacation. We simply found the school, made the reservation, and showed up at our homestay.  The home-stay was an absolutely lovely experience.  We were very happy with our warm and welcoming hostess, and we stayed in a very comfortable home with a beautiful view of the lake and mountains.  We ate great food, we felt very well cared-for, and we were able to relax with our children.  This is a vacation in itself!

The facilities and the staff at La Montaña were very accommodating as well.  We greatly enjoyed the classes and excursions. 

Finally, it was very helpful that Victoria, the travel agent, came to the school (and again later to our homestay) to help us plan the final week of our vacation here in Patagonia.  We had very little time to make plans before coming here because we are so busy in our lives back home.  Thanks to Victoria´s help, once we were done with classes for the week, we were able to enjoy the adventures and natural beauty of Patagonia because she planned all of the adventures, transportation, and accommodations for us.  She also gave us helpful and frank advice about which excursions would work for the children and which would not.

This has been a first-rate experience for our whole family.  I would highly recommend it to anyone.

Thank you!

viernes, 15 de abril de 2016

Curta a melhor época para esquiar em Bariloche!!

Promoçao Junho e Julho:

Duas semanas ou mais de aulas de Espanhol + 10% de desconto no passe de esqui (para 3 dias o mais)

Foto: cortesía Bariloche Quiero estar ahí.

Hiking in Bariloche in Autumn? of course!!!

Refugio Frey May 2016

Autumn is my favorite time of the year in Bariloche, I have to say.
People might think that, because the wheather is specially changeable, you can only stay indoors. Big mistake... you would miss the best part of being here.
Hiking is absolutely possible and, in fact, you will enjoy the widest variety of colours mother nature can offer in Patagonia.
Both during sunny or cloudy days there is so much to enjoy! Rainy weather migh add a very "ghosty" sensation which will make you feel like you are in a dream or in a Tim Burton´s movie...
I don´t have much more to say, this pictures will tell you all...

Cruce Bellavista Goye

Valle Encantado

Cerro Otto

Lago Moreno

miércoles, 13 de abril de 2016

SPA days at La montaña

NEW!!! 2 weeks SPANISH + SPA

Join us and treat yourself at one of the best SPA in Bariloche!

Together with Villa Huinid we have designed this special program for our students:

Take your Spanish course + cultural activities at La montaña and enjoy the best relaxing time at Villa Huinid.

Spanish course includes:
20 hours Spanish lessons in the morning + 3 cultural activities per week in the afternoons, class materials, coffee and snacks at school.

SPA Includes:
* Pool
* Gym
* Dry Sauna
* 2 sessions tub or spa (steam bath and Scottish shower)
* Towels
* Use of Showers and lockers included.

Cost: U$475 p.p.

domingo, 10 de abril de 2016

9 tips to learn Spanish

Here you are a list of 8 tips that will help you learn Spanish fast and easy!
We have develop this project together with some of our students who have collaborated with us in making this list... if you follow the links you will recognise some students and objects of our school!!!
Let´s see if you can find them!

Tip 1) Find your real interest in learning Spanish.
One of the first questions we ask our students is this: Why are you learning Spanish? Everyone’s reason for learning Spanish is different. These may vary among romance, professional career, hobby, cultural interaction... Tip 1) Find your real interest in learning Spanish.
Tip 2) Start with the easy parts of Spanish.
Like any new content you need to learn, it is easy to get overwhelmed if you start from the most complicated part . Tip 2) Start with the easy parts of Spanish.
Tip 3) Don´t waste your time trying to translate each and every word.
Sometimes, it is much easier if you can relax and accept things just the way they are. When learning Spanish you are also learning how Spanish speakers think and because it is a cultural issue, there might be ideas that do not translate in your mother tongue. Tip 3) Don´t waste your time trying to translate each and every word.
Tip 4) Get involved in Cultural situations.
As we mentioned before, learning a language means learning from the culture that has created it. The more you get involved in cultural situations, the better you will understand and feel the need for each new word. Tip 4) Get involved in Cultural situations.
Tip 5) Develop your listening skills naturally.
Develop your listening skills naturally and bridge the phonetics barriers. Whether you are in an immersion program or not, you have many possibilities to expose yourself to Spanish sounds, let´s see how: Tip 5) Develop your listening skills naturally.
Tip 6) Keep your phrase book fed by native speakers.Pay attention when a native Spanish speaker is speaking and try to get notes... these notes will be much useful and real than most Spanish phrasebooks. Tip 6) Keep your phrase book fed by native speakers. 
Tip 7) Make Spanish part of your everyday life. 
Switch your computer, google preferences, cell phone and other electronics into Spanish. It might be difficult at first, but you’ll maximize your time learning new words and phrases when you are using (needing) them.Tip 7) Make Spanish part of your everyday life. 
Tip 8) Label objects around you. he more you see one word the faster you will memorize it. You can get a pad of sticky notes and label common objects at home. Every time you go near a labeled item repeat that word out loud. You will never forget important words like "el baño" or “la sal” again. Tip 8) Label objects around you.

miércoles, 6 de abril de 2016

Salidas fotográficas - Foto tour

If you want to explore the city in a different way, join us and capture the best of Bariloche !
No need of technical knowledge in photography, just a camera and be ready to share an afternoon with other amateurs !
Duration: 2 hours
Price U$40 p.p. Students at La Montaña free.
For more information click here
Si querés conocer la ciudad de una manera diferente, te esperamos para salir a capturar los mejores rincones de Bariloche!
No es necesario conocimiento previo de fotografía, solo una cámara y ganas de compartir una tarde entre fotógrafos amateurs!
Duración: 2 horas
Precio U$40 p.p. Estudiantes de La Montaña gratis.
Más información aquí

Si vous voulez connaître la ville d’une manière différente, venez capturer les meilleurs coins de Bariloche !
Pas besoin de connaissance technique en photographie, seulement un appareil photo et l’envie de partager un après-midi entre photographes amateurs !
Duracion: 2 hours
Prix U$40 per personne. Etudiants de La Montaña gratuit. 
Plus d’information ici

lunes, 4 de abril de 2016

Me encanta estudiar español!

Me encanta estudiar español en esta escuela. Los profesores son fantásticos, muy interesantes las clases, aprovecho mucho y me encanta la atmósfeta muy íntima... Soy muy feliz después de 4 semanas y muchas, MUCHAS gracias!!!

Janine Bischof, Suiza.

Para saber más acerca de nuestra escuela de español en Bariloche, Patagonia Argentina, puedes entrar aquí.