viernes, 23 de octubre de 2015

Need to contact us during the week-end? Whatsapp us!!!

Need to contact us during the week-end? Whatsapp us!!! +5492924318230

What to do in Bariloche? November & December!

During November and December there are many things you can do after your Spanish lessons. Here you have the most important events in our city for the next months!

Fishing or "The Adventure Sports Week", running marathons or taking part in "The North Face Challenge", tasting handcrafted beer or enjoying the european-argentinian colectivities appointment...you will not have time to be bored!!

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miércoles, 21 de octubre de 2015

Licença Para Servidores Públicos

Se você quisesse usar sua Licença Para Servidores Públicos para aprender espanhol em San Carlos de Bariloche, esta é a opção correta:

  • Aulas individuais ou compartilhadas
  • 1 ou 2 estudantes
  • 20 horas por semana
  • Intensa prática oral e escrita
  • Desde: 1 semana em diante
  • Tipos de Cursos
  • Individuales
  • Compartidos
  • Grupales

*Duração conforme suas necessidades
*Atendimento Individualizado

¿Para quem é este curso?
Servidores Públicos

Níveis disponíveis para este curso:
   Principiante I
   Principiante II
   Intermédio I
   Intermédio II
   Avançado I
   Avançado II

lunes, 5 de octubre de 2015

Spanish and art for children

All young children learn through meaningful hands-on experiences—through touching, doing, and moving. And children also learn through seeing and hearing. - At La Montaña, we offer a variety of experiences to help your child develop new strengths and interests that will broaden his or her understanding of the world while learning a new language... Children prefer activities or projects that allow them to use their hands and for them we have developed Spanish and Art for children. Together with Gabriela Herrera, our Art consultant, we offer: Spanish lessons in the morning and Art sessions in the afternoon once or twice a week.

During art sessions, children will learn about colors, painting and other art techniques, they will explore the work of different artists while having fun with local children and practicing Spanish.

Minimun age: 6 years old - max: 18


2hs Spanish per day (Mon-Fri) + 1 Art lesson in the afternoon: U$275

2hs Spanish per day (Mon-Fri) + 2 Art lesson in the afternoon: U$290

If you are over 18 and you would like to take Spanish + Art for adults, please, email us.

jueves, 1 de octubre de 2015

The Spanish instruction is wonderful

"Veronica runs a fantastic program at "Spanish in Bariloche.  The Spanish instruction is wonderful but, on top of that, she and her team also do so much more! Her school is terrific and the teachers are excellent. However, the big bonus for me was that she helped us organize our trip and also helped us find a place to stay and things to do while we were there. If Veronica had not been so instrumental in helping us get organized, we probably would not have gone to Bariloche and would have missed out on amazing hikes and nature, wonderful food, excellent spanish instruction and a wonderful summer camp. 
My three boys (3, 8 and 10 years old) loved the classes and activities and learned so much and my husband and I thoroughly enjoyed exploring all that Bariloche has to offer. Veronica is a sweetheart and a delight to work with and know.  I can't recommend her highly enough."

Liz Pola, San Francisco.

It is a great enthusiastic Spanish School

"I went to Veronica's Spanish School, SpanishinBariloche. In SpanishinBariloche, Veronica tries to get her students to learn in different ways. We don't just sit in a classroom going over imperfect verbs. We do fun things like taking a cooking class or a salsa lesson. My favorite was when my family and I went to La Granja (The farm). It was a wonderful experience to see what a farm in Argentina is like. It was also a great place to try argentine customs, like mate. Mate is a very strong tea that looks like spinach in a a goard. At the granja, you also get to milk cows, feed pigs, chase sheep, plant in the garden, make cheese or dulce de leche, and have a conversation with Cris and Alex (the owners of the farm) in Spanish. I love the way Veronica has taken teaching Spanish to a fun, new level."

Carter Ware, EEUU, Age 12.

"Hello, my name is Roxie and I was a student at this school "Spanish in Bariloche. It is a great enthusiastic Spanish School. My teacher was a funny, nice, active person that was always ready to play lots of games. One of my favorite things we did was the play "Hansel and Gretel". I was Gretel, the mom, the dad and the squirrel that they meet in the forest. Carter, my sister, was the witch, the rat in the forest and Hansel. Our teacher helped out setting it up and making the characters. We played it for our parents and the other teachers. It was sad to see our teacher leave on our last day because we had so much fun!"

Roxie Ware, EEUU, Age 10.

"Veronica has done a great job of working with us and meeting our varied educational needs."

Latane Ware, EEUU.