miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2008

Very helpful and worthwhile

Going into the Spanish classes I knew nothing, I am now confident in asking the questions and hearing the responses I need while travelling. I found the course very helpful and worthwhile.
Jannah Fleetwood, Auckland, NZ.

My confidence grew

A very personalised experience where the teachers are friendly and helpful all the time.
A relaxed atmosphere, but very productive. I felt my Spanish really improved in the week I studied Spanish here and my confidence grew.

Catherine Ellis, Manchester, UK

We now feel confident to travel!

As total begginer we have had a great experience with our teacher. We now feel confident to travel around South America and not have to say 'no entiendo' (I don't understand). We can now book accomodation, tickets, plus much more and most important ask for a beer!

Emma Mac Lellan-Smith & Nick Lawrance, Manchester, UK