miércoles, 30 de julio de 2008

Thank you, Annie and Spanish in Bariloche!

I had 10 hours of private lessons with Annie, prior to which I had only a small amount of book knowledge of Spanish. My lessons focused purely on speaking and were a perfect blend - I did most of the talking, and Annie would help me out if I was struggling with grammar or vocabulary. At the end of the week of lessons, I was no longer afraid of either trying to speak the language or trying to understand what someone was saying. This gave me a great start for using Spanish in the "real world". Thank you, Annie and Spanish in Bariloche!

John McCabe

miércoles, 7 de mayo de 2008

Very helpful and worthwhile

Going into the Spanish classes I knew nothing, I am now confident in asking the questions and hearing the responses I need while travelling. I found the course very helpful and worthwhile.
Jannah Fleetwood, Auckland, NZ.

My confidence grew

A very personalised experience where the teachers are friendly and helpful all the time.
A relaxed atmosphere, but very productive. I felt my Spanish really improved in the week I studied Spanish here and my confidence grew.

Catherine Ellis, Manchester, UK

We now feel confident to travel!

As total begginer we have had a great experience with our teacher. We now feel confident to travel around South America and not have to say 'no entiendo' (I don't understand). We can now book accomodation, tickets, plus much more and most important ask for a beer!

Emma Mac Lellan-Smith & Nick Lawrance, Manchester, UK

lunes, 3 de marzo de 2008

It was an excellent experience.

The small class size and great teacher made this an excellent experience. I never felt unconfortable about making mistakes and the learning enviroment was very supportive.
James Naegle. Pasadena, CA. EEUU.

Small size class is good for Spanish lessons

Maria was a wonderful teacher who made sure I understood the concepts before moving on. She was very patient with us and made us feel confortable in class even with all the mistakes we made. I really enjoyed the small class size which is guaranteed to be 4 students or less. Anymore than 4 would be too many.
Stephanie Naegle. Pasadena. EEUU.

lunes, 18 de febrero de 2008

The school was perfect!

The school was perfect for us! We learned a lot but also had time to enjoy the beauty of Bariloche and its natural enviroment.
Brenda Fisher. Seattle, Washington

Aprender español en Spanish in Bariloche

La escuela me gustó mucho porque hablamos mucho en clase. Yo no pensaba llegar en 3 semanas hasta el nivel avanzado. Las profesoras tienen mucha paciencia y son también buenas porque las cosas fáciles parecen más fáciles. Muchas gracias!

Muriel Schüpbah, Chantillon, Suiza.

If you want to study Spanish in Bariloche

If you want to study Spanish in Bariloche, I would definitely recommend the school; the teachers are very friendly and thoroughly prepared, the classes are small, and if I should decide to come to Argentina to study Spanish I would choose Spanish in Bariloche.

Yo recomendaría sin duda la escuela las profesoras son muy cordiales y preparadas a fondo, las clases son pequeñas, y si, en el futuro tengo la oportunidad de regresar a Argentina para estudiar castellano, elegiré Spanish in Bariloche.

Antonella Fracasso. Italia.

miércoles, 23 de enero de 2008

Now, my review!

We originally signed up to take only one week of classes but we learned so much in our first week and liked our teacher so much that we decided to take it again. All of the teachers are extremely warm, friendly people and skilled in teaching Spanish.The class size was small and we went at our own pace, we could ask any questions we wanted, all of the material was based on what we wanted to learn. It was very personalized.
Sara Burke-Gorewitz. Albany, CA, Estados Unidos.

martes, 22 de enero de 2008

My review for Spanish in Bariloche School, in Patagonia.

All the teachers are extremely competant. They all understand how to teach foreigners every part of the Spanish language. They are also very fun and feel like your friends. The price is incredible value for what you receive in return. The teaching materials are very relevant and the class rooms are confortable. The program is flexible to your needs, interests ans schedule. The after class cultural activities are great bonus. Great experience, highly reccomend it!
John Garand, San Francisco, CA, USA.