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On-line Spanish Language pre-courses

Learn Spanish Live Online before arrival with our pre-courses:


Prospective students ussually are a bit nervous about her/his first day "back to school."
Our team is aware of this, and we accommodate our classes so that the transition is smooth in a relaxed athmosphere.
Some people is getting ready to spend some time in Argentina with a considerable time in advance, and in this situation, one good option is taking some lessons at home before arrival.
After taking a Placement test, we ca design a pre-course according to the student needs.
With our pre-courses each person will be able to learn Spanish live online with a native Spanish speaker teacher, according to his/her needs, at his/herown pace in the comfort of his/her place:
  • Having a private instructor in real time.
  • Learning useful language as in real everyday situations: social life, work, leisure.
  • Personalizing the language acquisition focusing on the development of proficiency in the four basic communication skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
  • Practicing conversation.
  • Learning more about our culture as a result of the information exchange.
  • Developing and enrich your Spanish vocabulary.
  • Knowing more about Grammar structures.
  • Practicing pronunciation
  • Doing some homework to reinforce the learning points.
Who is this course for?
Any person interested in learning Spanish according to his needs in a dynamic and interactive way.
Prospective students:
Former students: those who have attended lessons with us and would like to carry on learning Spanish.

Students can choose from:
Survival Spanish - Crash course
Specially designed for people who need to learn some Spanish as soon as possible to manage in a Spanish-speaking country. Conversation, role-play practice, vocabulary development and grammar are focused on each learning situation:
Greetings: formal and informal usage. Giving information about you and how to introduce yourself.
Accommodation: asking for information
Eating out: ordering food, checking information.
Expressing preferences and opinions
Shopping: describing things, sizes
Phone calls: asking information, making an appointment, informal conversation.
Duration of the course:
Survival Spanish - Crash Course is designed to be covered in 20 class-hours, but we can be flexible about times.
10 hours of real-time tuition US$ 250
Payments are in advance. Please, email us for methods of payment. http://www.spanishinbariloche.com/contact-me/  
For people interested in learning  Spanish in a comprehensive course, according to their needs, at their own pace, we offer our online live course with a private instructor divided in 5 levels:

Basic Level I and II - Intermediate Level I and II - Advanced
How do we do it:
This is a live online course.
Lessons are one-on-one (one student and one instructor).
Student and instructor will use Skype/MSN Messenger to communicate.
The whiteboard is the screen.
You set own pace.
Materials as a complement for your lesson are sent after each class.

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