miércoles, 26 de agosto de 2015

5 Cervecerías near La Montaña

After your Spanish lessons, it is nice to relax and practice with fellow students while tasting a craft beer in one of the several (almost 15) local micro breweries. These have been producing micro-brewed beer in Bariloche for a long time, but specially during the last 10 years many new micro breweries run by young enthusiastic “barilochenses” have been opened.

1. Manush: Located in a small old house in Bariloche, is the place to sample the line of craft beer made in Bariloche. There are a variety of cuisine to accompany the beer.
2. Berlina: Berlina's stout (dark beer) is highly praised by the most demanding beer sommeliers. However, this privilege is also enjoyed by two other varieties: Munich and India. The three of them make up a trilogy. 
3. Antares: Antares is present in Bariloche with the branch factory marplatense Brew.
4. Konna: It is a cozy, easy going pub   poplular with the locals.
5. Bachmann: A small factory Brew. The local cuisine pizzas and snacks.

viernes, 21 de agosto de 2015

5 tips to recognize the best chocolate!

Comfort food is that food that could provide a nostalgic or sentimental feeling. Could chocolate be Bariloche's comfort food? Treat yourself after your Spanish Course at La Montaña and enjoy the best chocolate ever!! 
Take some chocolates home and bring back pleasant memories of the city and the time you spent at our school! At any chocolateria in Bariloche you can find a wide variety and they will be happy wrap your pack specially to take on board. 

Just keep in mind these tips to spot the best chocolate: 
1- It has to be dark and bright brown colour, uniform, without any kind of bubbles or cracks. 
2- Aroma, the stronger, the better. 
3- Solid touch, when it breaks, the sound should be sharp and brittle. 
4- Mouth melting has to be easy, continuous and complete. 
5- Taste. Sourness should be more predominant than bitter sensation. Sweetness must be balanced.

miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2015

5 shops to get tasty food for celiacs near La Montaña Spanish School

As you may know, argentine traditional meals mostly include wheat. If you are staying with one of our hosts families your host family will be aware about your condition beforehand. At arrival you will receive a gluten-free meal and later, you can speak with your host an elaborate together a list of extra products she will need to cook for you. We have a list of shops where you can easily find a wide variety of gluten-free both fresh and dry. Some micro-breweries and restaurants have special menu for celiacs as well. Usually foreign celiacs are surprised about the good and tasty options we have in Bariloche, sometimes more than in big towns!!

Shops offering gluten free food in Bariloche:
  1. Dietética Alsina (John O Connor 172) - Dry food 
  2. Dietética Alsina (Elordi  367) - Dry food
  3. Quinoa (Albarracín 711) - Dry food
  4. Supermercados La Anónima (Quaglia 333) - Only dry gluten-free food. They have a special stand for gluten free products
  5. Ruca Umel (Pioneros 4860) - Fresh food: bread, pasta, pastery, pizza, etc.

miércoles, 12 de agosto de 2015

Spanish programs for families

I am from Argentina but married a US citizen with very little fluency in Spanish which is why our kids (10 and 14) never spoke my language much. I sent them to La Montaña hoping they could make up for lost time. The results were amazing!

I was concerned that they would miss us (they were gone for little over a month) and be upset that we sent them to school on their summer break. Both were unfounded. The first class they had they came back so excited and said it was so much fun and the classes were catered to each of their interests and they remained engaged for the duration.

Liam came back fluent (some errors on tenses and gender of words) but fluent! He didn’t speak more than a few words when he left and placed on Spanish 3-4 honors! More importantly I can now speak to my kid in my language and he understands what I say. Almost brought tears to my eyes.

Nick (10) came back less fluent than Liam (he is less daring to say something if he isn’t sure it will be accurate) but understands when I speak and I can’t wait for him to continue learning. What he learned surprised me as well as he is a tricky learner.

Veronica went way above and beyond by organizing their stay with a great couple!  Adapting her classes so that our kids could go to ski team, helping us organize a car service for this effort, pick-up, drop-offs, things completely outside the scope of the school. She made this whole experience one that I hope to be able to repeat and would be happy to talk and highly recommend to anyone who is planning on doing this.



jueves, 6 de agosto de 2015

5 locations for indoor climbing!

Bariloche is known for being one of the most popular areas for rock climbing, which is an ideal activity when weather conditions are good. As any mountain landscape, there are some cold and rainy days along the year and sometimes it is difficult to plan outdoor activities.

These days are perfect for students that after their Spanish lessons want to practice indoor sports. Our city offers a wide range of indoor climbing centers walk-distance from La Montaña Spanish School:

- Bariloche Climbing Center (Av. Pioneros 35)

- Bloque Onas (Onas 5623)

- Club Andino Bariloche (Av. Bustillo 9500)

- La Luna Muro (Av. Bustillo 7459)

- Maquinódromo (Moreno 1052)

miércoles, 5 de agosto de 2015

A wonderful experience...

"A wonderful experience. I would recommend to anyone serious or otherwise interested in learning Spanish. The classes are small and the professors are superb. They go out of their way to make the classes interesting and fun and most of all successful in its mission."

lunes, 3 de agosto de 2015

Rock climbing in Bariloche

Both for rock climbing lovers and people who is starting in this sport, San Carlos de Bariloche offers a wide variety of places to enjoy.
From the city center where La Montaña Spanish School is located, it is possible to reach different climbing sectors just taking the local bus, with a short ride.

Climbing sectors to practice sport climbing, with full equiped routes from which you will enjoy amazing breathtaking views of the lakes we are surrounded by.

Climbing sectors close to Bariloche:

  • Piedras Blancas: Located in Cerro Otto, five minutes from the city center. Easy climbing routes for begginers!
  • Ventana: It is located about 10 km south-west road to Bolson. It is a very nice place with very good view of Lago Gutierrez, Cerro Catedral and Cerro Otto. Quick Access to the walls.
  • Frey: If you are looking for multi-pitch climbing, you should go  to Cerro Catedral , where the Refugio Frey is located. Granite spires in an uncomparable setting.
  • Villa Llanquín:  40 kilometres from Bariloche (ruta 237). A place to go with friends/family and spend the day!
  • Valle Encantado: Climate conditions are usually better than in Bariloche, what allows  outdoor climbing when it rains in the city. There are two sectors, and to reach one of them you will need to cross the river.

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