lunes, 16 de junio de 2014

Nos cours d’espagnol à Bariloche

Notre école propose différentes formules :

Petits groupes de 6 étudiants maximum.
Cours par niveau de débutant à avancé.
Les cours commencent chaque lundi et ont lieu de 9h à 13h du lundi au vendredi. 
Activités culturelles et de plein air après les cours.

Cours Intensif : 20 heures par semaine

Cours Super intensif : 30 heures par semaine (20 heures de cours collectifs le matin, et 10 heures de cours particulier l'après-midi)

Horaires flexibles
Programme personalisé
De débutant à avancé.
Activités culturelles et de plein air après les cours.

Horaires flexibles
Programme personalisé pour deux personnes avec un niveau et des objectifs similaires
De débutant à avancé.
Activités culturelles et de plein air après les cours.

Cours particulier et en direct avec un professeur

un hébergement en famille d’accueil
un travail bénévole

Apprendre l’espagnol en famille
L’espagnol en voyage
L’espagnol en entreprise
L’espagnol médical
Préparation aux examens

Sont inclus pour tous nos cours à l’école :
Pack de bienvenue
Supports de cours
Activités après les cours
Café, thé et collations
Réductions et avantages
Wi-Fi et accès internet
Transfert aéroport gratuit (Pour les cours de deux semaines ou plus)

miércoles, 11 de junio de 2014

Spanish and Ski

Spanish Program specially designed for winter-sport enthusiasts who want to learn the Spanish language.

With our Spanish + ski program, students can both learn Spanish and enjoy the most breathtaking sceneries in the world in the biggest ski resort of South America.

Students will take group lessons 4 days + 2 private hours (to catch up) per week and will have 3 spare days for going to the slopes

Course Features

Number of students per class: max 6 students.
Lessons per week:It includes 16 Group + 2 Private lessons per week + 3 ski passes weekday/weekend.
Minimum Age: 18 years old.
Mininum Duration: 1 week.
Levels: Available for Basic, Intermediate & Advanced levels.

Cost: U$D205 (Spanish course)+ 3 days ski pass (you must add the cost of the ski pass according to the prices posted in Catedral website)

Would you like to watch some videos?

martes, 10 de junio de 2014

How much do you know about Working Holiday Visa for kiwis in Argentina?

The Working Holiday Visa
The Working Holiday Scheme between Argentina and New Zealand provides the opportunity for young Argentine and New Zealand citizens to experience each others country by working at short-term/temporary jobs while they holiday and/or travel around the country.

Applicants will be asked to come in person for an interview with the Head of the Consular Section.
The application is processed in approximately 5 to 7 working days after receiving the visa fee payment.

Read more using  http://www.enzel.mrecic.gob.ar/node/3018

lunes, 9 de junio de 2014


Cursos de Espanhol na Argentina, Bariloche
Cursos de espanhol com grupos reduzidos
Não cobramos inscrição!

Todos os nossos cursos de espanhol incluem:
- Todos os livros de estudo e materiais como apostilas etc.
- Café, chá e bebidas frias entre as aulas.
- Acesso gratuito a internet + WiFi.
- Nossas atividades pós escolares.
Escola de Espanhol La Montaña:
- Grupos reduzidos  (máx. 6 alunos)
- Pessoal prestativo e amistoso.
- Atmosfera  divertida e descontraída   na qual se aprende espanhol.

viernes, 6 de junio de 2014

Volunteer as a Workshop teacher in a Public School in Bariloche

This project is an initiative from La Montaña and takes place in different public schools in Bariloche, which we choose according to the volunteer profile, background and interests. Workshop groups have between 10 to 20 children. These children and teenagers come from very needy areas in Bariloche.
The mission of the organization is to offer new educational options for children, inspiring the development of new skills, keeping them away from the streets and protect them from child labour in a way that is beneficial for the kids, their families, the schools and the society. The volunteer projects offer benefits to the community, while the volunteers gain experience in their working field while offering a service with a possitive impact on the local community both sides will never forget.
Volunteers will be engaged in the following activities:
   Preparing Workshop program.
   Organizing workshop.
Volunteers should have an intermediate-advanced level of Spanish in order to participate in this project. We highly recommend you to take a Spanish course with us before you start the project if your level is not sufficient.
Minimum Time
The minimum time requested is 8 weeks.

Please bear in mind that the admission process is quite strict and that the final acceptance depends on the project coordinator and the director for the chosen Public School.