jueves, 8 de agosto de 2013

What are the Spanish lessons like?

Frequently, our prospective students have these questions concerning the dinamic of our Spanish School:

What is the language of instruction?
Spanish is the language taught and used in class. Instructors only use Spanish with the students. English is used only when absolutely necessary, i.e: if a student has an emergency, or if the explanation in Spanish is not working because of the cultural shock he or she might be experimenting, etc.
Instructors also speak Spanish with the students when they are not in class. We encourage our students to speak to one another in Spanish and among the people at the school and during activities. They are free to use their mother tongue if they need to do it.

How will you know my Spanish current level?
Students take a written placement test before their arrival, and oral test once at the school. The director administers the test, but the result of the tests are discused during a team meeting, when forming the groups.

How do you form groups?
We are very careful about placing our students in appropriate groups with those who have similar interests, learning styles, and levels of proficiency.  However, if a student does not feel that he/she fits in a certain group, we are always ready to change the group composition or switch to individual lessons to best help our students truly develop their language abilities. The Director is constantly monitoring both students and teachers. Students are interviewed periodically by her, to check if they are happy or not with the group and the teachers. Director has daily team meetings to hear the opinion of teachers, or/and review decisions, as well.
By keeping our classes to small-group lessons or individual training, we avoid the problems of large group settings.  This allows students to feel free to ask questions at any time thus increasing communication and enhancing their learning experience.

What kind of evaluation does the school perform?
Students are evaluated daily, by presentations and weekly by essays.

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