domingo, 25 de agosto de 2013

What social and cultural activities can we join while in Bariloche?


Different kinds of events and activities are available in the city and region:

In the city:
Concerts, Movies,  Theater plays, in town center. Maybe 3 blocks from the school. We encourage students to attend specially free cultural activities we often have in Bariloche.
In the region:
Feria Colonia Suiza (free entrance) Feria El Bolson  (free entrance)

You can find all the information about social and cultural activities you can join while in Bariloche by following our Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/spanishinbariloche?ref=hl and in

The school makes arrangements to enable students to participate in social or cultural events. Every time there is a public event, shows, meetings, lectures, cultural events, exhibitions, etc,  students receive all the information and the school organizes the activity for those who are interested.

 Meeting Mapuche Communities
 Outdoor Yoga
 Tango lessons
 Tradicional local celebrations

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