jueves, 8 de junio de 2017

J-Term in Patagonia

Jueves, 8 de junio de 2017

J-Term in Bariloche

Program Summary

On J-Term in Bariloche, you will take Spanish-language classes at a local Spanish School while earning 3-5 university credits. In your free time, you can explore nearby mountains, go trekking, kajaking, rafting, rock-climbing in majestic sceneries of Patagonia Andes. At the same time, you will get to know Argentina culture while tasting empanadas and other delicious traditional dishes with classmates. You will experience:
* Classes with international students - Your fellow students will be a great balance of students from across the US and many countries around the world.
* Learning and using Spanish - Take Spanish-language courses at any level with local professors. Use your Spanish in the markets, restaurants, and tango classes of Bariloche, and you'll really learn the language.
* Perfect location - You'll be in the town-center of Bariloche, so you can easily explore the city, and just a few minutes from the beautiful nearby National Park Nahuel Huapi, its amazing lakes, mountain and steppe views that make Patagonia famous!
* Awesome classes - Study the argentine culture, patagonia nature, cultural photography, Native culture (Mapuche) and Latin America Literature,  both in English or Spanish.
* Great excursions - A day trip and a weekend excursion with your fellow study abroad students are included in the program. Take a city tour, enjoy trekking and try mate, the traditional infusion that argentines enjoy when meeting with friends or family.

Program Highlights

* Spanish Language courses
* College /University Credits
* Adventure travel
* Special Courses in English or Spanish
* Live with a local family