sábado, 20 de julio de 2013

Veronica Leone BIO

Mrs Veronica Leone is the Director at La Montaña|Spanish in Bariloche, the biggest Spanish school in Patagonia Argentina. She graduated at Universidad de Rosario and later moved to Bariloche founding Spanish in Bariloche, Spanish school. After her ten-year career as a Spanish teacher and director there, Mrs Leone took part at the Fundacion de los Lagos, where she runs locally sustainable educational and volunteer programs. In addition to teaching Spanish and leading her Spanish teachers and administration team, Mrs Leone is a regular contributor to AACELE and several ONG and government projects. In 2012 she merged La Montaña and Spanish in Bariloche, the two leading Spanish Schools in Patagonia. She recently worked on a cultural and educational program through which her organization obtained a Province of Rio Negro award. She currently resides in the outskirts of Bariloche with her son Ciro, her husband Mirko, their dogs, and her lovely organic garden. She can be contacted at veronica (at) lamontana (dot) com.

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