viernes, 19 de julio de 2013

La Montaña - Spanish in Bariloche Highlights

What You Will Like from us:

    •    Private room/shared room
    •    Homey feel with host families
    •    Excellent food
    •    School organizes 3 activities per week, at least. (Don´t miss Cooking lessons!)
    •    Classes in a relaxed athmosphere
    •    Good facilities, wi fi, library.
    •    College Credits
    •    Breathtaking views, mountains, lakes
    •    Natural environment with much to see
    •    High standard of living
    •    Good public transportation
    •    Outdoor activities all year round
    •    Skiing in Winter


Mixed nationalities and ages. Independent travelers, college students, professionals, families.


Accredited Spanish Language School at AACELE
Approved for credit through US institutions: Brookhaven College.

Past Participants Who Studied Spanish in Bariloche:

I went to Spanish in Bariloche for 11 weeks!
I went to Spanish in Bariloche, Spanish School for 11 weeks and I am very happy with the school, the teachers and the results. I have a lot of experience from different language schools, both French and Spanish, and this is by far the best. Thanks to the small groups which allows a lot of time for each student and the dedicated teachers I learned a lot more than I expected. I am also very grateful for all the help I was given outside the school! I highly reccommend Spanish in Bariloche!! Besos!
Lisa, from Sweden.




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