martes, 30 de julio de 2013

10 Tips for saving money while in Bariloche

If you are planning to take a Spanish Course with us, we have 10 tips to make the most of your money and time:

1.     Learn some Spanish in advance. You can take some online lessons with us, in a dynamic and interactive way, according to your needs. We strongly reccommend this option for all prospective students. These are the options:
a.      If you have had some Spanish lessons in the past and you want to brush up your skills, this is perfect for you. At your arrival in Bariloche you won´t waste time reviewing, yet you will have consolidated your knowledge and improved your communicational skills while picking up latinamerican accent.
b.     If you are an absolute begginner, you can take your first step with our online courses as well.
c.      In both cases, if you do not have the time for online lessons, you can use our textbooks or e-books for self-learning and learn some Spanish before arriving in Argentina, while waiting at airports.
2.     Pay your Spanish Course with bank transfer in dolars or Euro. We can give you a very good exchange rate. Depending on specific conditions, if you pay in advance, you might get an extra 10% discount. If you have Euro or Dolars cash, you will get an extra 5% discount. When you book 2 weeks or more, you get an airport pick up for free.
3.     Join all our after-school activities: city tours, cooking lessons, games are all free and led by Spanish teachers, so you will have "extra lessons" while having fun!
4.     Refer a friend and get one day bike rental for free.
5.     If you will take a bus to arrive in Bariloche, we can help you finding excellent discounts for the best bus companies. Simply email us, and let us know your plan.
6.     If you are coming for skiing as well, all our students can get a discount on the ski pass, snowboard and ski gear rentals.
7.     Get your lunch at any of the healthy take away near by the school and stay with us for lunch, after class.
8.     Use our discount labels for breweries, bike rentals, mountain gear, restaurantes among others.
9.     When you order in a restaurant, consider the dishes are big, so you might be able to share.
10.   In low season, the school and other bussiness are pretty quiet, so you will be able to get better deals. 

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