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We receive many emails from our prospective students, and usually questions are the same.

Here, we have a good selection for the most Frequently asked Questions:

1)  I will be arriving by plane from Buenos Aires.  Will I be able to get transferred to my host family's home or do I need to make arrangements for accommodation and transportation for my first night in Bariloche?

Our Spanish programs for 2 or more consecutive weeks include a free airport pick up. In order to arrange that, we need all your flight details. One person will be waiting for you holding a sign with your name at Bariloche airport arrival gate. The driver will take you directly to your host-family, so you will spend your first night with them, as well.

2)  What amenities are provided at my host family's home (bed linens, towels, internet, etc.)?  Will I have a private room?  Are the bathroom facilities shared with the family or separate?  Do I have access to laundry facilities?  Is the tap water safe to drink?

Yes, bed linens, towels, internet, is included. For a private room, the cost is $280us per week. Bathroom is shared with the family. If you want to have a private bathroom, we have just a few spots and the cost is $300us per week. You will share the house and facilities as a member of the family. Tap water is ok, but we suggest our students to drink mineral or filtered water until body adjusts into the new environment. Laundry is not included, but you can use any Laundry service in town, the cost is around $7us per bag.
Advice: If you are not coming in high season, we will have many spots available for host families, so, I recommend you book for shared room (the cheapest option) and later add private if you feel like.

3)  How many after school activities are provided each week?

Usually 3 times a week, sometimes more, depending on students interests and attendance. Here you are more detailed information:

After school activities in Bariloche, Patagonia, Argentina

We believe that the best way to learn a language is by enjoying it. Every week we organize several after-class activities that are designed to facilitate full immersion in Spanish language and Latin American culture. Our free activities led by Spanish teachers include: cooking classes, city tour, games, movie afternoons, etc
There are many other activities that students can choose from, some of which have extra cost for entrance, transport, drinks or meals:
    •    Tango classes
    •    Visiting the Patagonia museum
    •    Yoga
    •    Going to local breweries and restaurants

Are there any additional fees for certain activities?  (i.e. climbing, hiking, etc.) and if so, how much extra?

Excursions by boat or bus will have an extra cost. Every Monday, Vicky assess our students on what to do in Bariloche area and students can purchase these paid excursions with her if they want. As for climbing and trekking, there is no extra cost, but this needs to be organized among the students and will depend on weather conditions. Near the school there is an indoor climbing place, very affordable. As for examples: museum will cost $4us, a beer: $8us, yoga: $8us per session, tango: $6us per lesson, etc.

4)  What is all included in the price of the classes? 

Prices for Spanish lessons include:

    •    Spanish lessons
    •    Textbook and other materials
    •    On site orientation about Bariloche area
    •    Cafeteria in the school
    •    Level test
    •    Certificate of attendance
    •    After school activities and social academic activities three times a week
    •    Computers and wi fi at school
    •    Discounts for local shops and benefits

For more information, please, visit http://www.slideshare.net/SpanihinBariloche/prearrival-pack

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