viernes, 21 de agosto de 2015

5 tips to recognize the best chocolate!

Comfort food is that food that could provide a nostalgic or sentimental feeling. Could chocolate be Bariloche's comfort food? Treat yourself after your Spanish Course at La Montaña and enjoy the best chocolate ever!! 
Take some chocolates home and bring back pleasant memories of the city and the time you spent at our school! At any chocolateria in Bariloche you can find a wide variety and they will be happy wrap your pack specially to take on board. 

Just keep in mind these tips to spot the best chocolate: 
1- It has to be dark and bright brown colour, uniform, without any kind of bubbles or cracks. 
2- Aroma, the stronger, the better. 
3- Solid touch, when it breaks, the sound should be sharp and brittle. 
4- Mouth melting has to be easy, continuous and complete. 
5- Taste. Sourness should be more predominant than bitter sensation. Sweetness must be balanced.

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