miércoles, 19 de agosto de 2015

5 shops to get tasty food for celiacs near La Montaña Spanish School

As you may know, argentine traditional meals mostly include wheat. If you are staying with one of our hosts families your host family will be aware about your condition beforehand. At arrival you will receive a gluten-free meal and later, you can speak with your host an elaborate together a list of extra products she will need to cook for you. We have a list of shops where you can easily find a wide variety of gluten-free both fresh and dry. Some micro-breweries and restaurants have special menu for celiacs as well. Usually foreign celiacs are surprised about the good and tasty options we have in Bariloche, sometimes more than in big towns!!

Shops offering gluten free food in Bariloche:
  1. Dietética Alsina (John O Connor 172) - Dry food 
  2. Dietética Alsina (Elordi  367) - Dry food
  3. Quinoa (Albarracín 711) - Dry food
  4. Supermercados La Anónima (Quaglia 333) - Only dry gluten-free food. They have a special stand for gluten free products
  5. Ruca Umel (Pioneros 4860) - Fresh food: bread, pasta, pastery, pizza, etc.

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