lunes, 8 de octubre de 2007


Bariloche is a stunning tranquil town, situated in NW Patagonia by the Andes, in the heart of the lake district and within the Nahuel Huapi National Park. It has much to offer all year round: wonderful hiking in summer and autumn and fantastic skiing in the winter and spring. It is also a great place to find some nightlife or just relax in a cafe while sampling our famous delicious chocolate and cakes.
Bariloche was founded in 1902, and in the ’40 became a ski and tourism pole for celebrities from all around the world. The city was designed following the Alpine style, while many inmigrants from central Europa settled down in this area developing mountain sports and retaining many traditions.

Our school is located in a quiet spot, but in the heart of the city, near internet cafes, restaurants, bus stops, pubs, and all the services you might need; next to Nahuel Huapi lake, just a few meters from the Tourist Information Office at Centro Civico, the main city square, where town hall and the most important museum in Patagonia is placed.
Students have plenty of time to communicate amongst themselves and often enjoy going out into the town together to practice their spanish language skills. Whether it is during one of the school activities or on their own amongst the friendly local people, students at our school will always find it easy to use the skills they have developed in the classroom. By keeping our courses to small-group lessons (maximum 4 students) or individual training, we avoid the problems of large group settings that students often experience in regular spanish schools. This allows students to feel free to ask questions at any time thus increasing communication and enhancing your learning experience.Our approach to teaching focuses on developing proficiency in the four basic communication skills (speaking, listening reading, and writing) and allows for emphasis on any one of these skills to meet each student's needs.

Tourism is whole year round.
Bariloche is one of the main tourist destinations in Latin America, placed within the Patagonia region, in the south of Argentina. The Cerro Catedral is the most important ski resort in South America. In summer Bariloche offers nearly every kind of adventure tourism, such as trekking, climbing, rafting, kajaking, horseback riding, etc.

Bariloche can offer a big variety of events, like theater plays, exhhibitions, cinemas and concerts. There are several interesting museums, and a big public library, near town hall. Centro Civico contentrates the most of them, as well as being the perfect space for open parties: concerts, parades, dances and other events.

Bariloche is the capital of the night life in Patagonia. There are several well known discoteques, where you can meet argentinean football stars and artists. Restaurants and bars are open until early hours. At the ski resort, you can find more entertaiment, including ski parties, with fireworks.

Mitre and Moreno concentrate the most important shops in Bariloche. All you need for outdoor activities or skiing is available. Chocolaterias and cafes are open all day for people to enjoy delicious specialities in chocolate and cakes.

Bariloche has about 120,000 inhabitants, is one of the safest cities in Argentina.