jueves, 5 de mayo de 2016

After-class Cultural Activities

After Spanish lessons, La Montaña offers a wide range of cultural and outdoor activities during which students can improve Spanish conversational skills while learning about our culture, traditions and nature. This is a great bonus in how to learn Spanish.
Led by our team members, students have the chance to learn more about Bariloche and Argentina, while practicing Spanish language and having fun. During these sessions, students from all levels participate together learning more about each other as well.

According to student´s interests and weather conditions, our activities leader sets a weekly schedule.

Cultural activities:

Historic city tour

By walking in the city and visiting historic buildings along the pedestrian circuit, students get to know more about our social, cultural and historic background. On top of that, we schedule visits to:
·      Patagonian Museum (Natural Science, History and Antropology)
·      Clock Tower in Town Hall
·      Paleontological Museum

Cooking lessons:

Through our cooking lessons, students will learn about our cooking heritage and traditions, with both European and native roots as well as learning about new ingredients and recipes.
Some of these recipes are:
·      Chipa
·      Corn bread
·      Alfajores
·      Empanadas

Video/Cinema debate:

With Video/Cinema debate, students learn about specific aspects of Latinamerican culture, traditions and social situation.
Some of our favorites movies are:

·      El hijo de la novia
·      El secreto de sus ojos
·      Diarios de motocicleta
·      Camila
·      La historia Oficial
·      Tesis


Playing traditional games will help students to learn more about Latinamerican idiosyncrasy and recognize the Hispanic predominant heritage.
Some of these games are:

·      Truco
·      Estanciero
·      Escoba

Painting mates:

While having fun with this relaxing hands-on activity, students will have the chance to learn about the history of our traditional “Mate” and its economic impact during XVI Century in South American missions. This history ius also related to Jesuits and natives. After this activity, each student will have his/her own mate.

Outdoor activities:

Led by our activities responsible, students will have the chance to experience an out-of-school activity. This situation will help them to explore other places in Bariloche area. La Montaña Team has chosen specific places to visit for their beauty and safety, so students can enjoy breathtaking views, while trekking and sharing mate.
Depending on weather conditions, and specially from November until April (our summer) many outdoor activities are available, such as:
·      Cascada de los Duendes, on Lake Gutierrez
·      Cerro Campanario
·      Playa Serena
·      Parque Municipal Llao Llao

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