lunes, 15 de febrero de 2016

Common questions you may have before arriving in Bariloche

1. Is it hard to get around in Bariloche?

Getting around Bariloche is quite easy. Once you’re downtown (where La Montaña is) it’s better to go walking to explore the city, shops and buildings. There are very interesting places to visit in town like the Civic Center (Our town hall); where the Tourism Office is, Sarmiento library and the theater hall. There, you can also find the Patagonian Museum which is a national historic monument and has several exhibition halls as well. Main street is Mitre, parallel to Costanera road (that borders along Nahuel Huapi lake-shore). This is the area for the tourist shops, chocolaterias, and some of the endless list of good restaurants. The second most touristic street is Moreno and it`s one block further up Mitre, and then, cames Elflein, were the school is located.
Getting outside downtown: locals call it “the kilometers” (Los Kilometros, as Bariloche is set all along Nahuel Huapi lake-shore which is large as 24 km or so). In this area you can enjoy beautiful beaches by the lake, mountains to hike, amazing views, ski area at Cerro Catedral, forests, and more! You can take public transportation, bus tours or rent a car. In fact, while the city’s bus system is good and reliable, you may also prefer to rent a car – it’s faster and more efficient.

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