lunes, 5 de octubre de 2015

Spanish and art for children

All young children learn through meaningful hands-on experiences—through touching, doing, and moving. And children also learn through seeing and hearing. - At La Montaña, we offer a variety of experiences to help your child develop new strengths and interests that will broaden his or her understanding of the world while learning a new language... Children prefer activities or projects that allow them to use their hands and for them we have developed Spanish and Art for children. Together with Gabriela Herrera, our Art consultant, we offer: Spanish lessons in the morning and Art sessions in the afternoon once or twice a week.

During art sessions, children will learn about colors, painting and other art techniques, they will explore the work of different artists while having fun with local children and practicing Spanish.

Minimun age: 6 years old - max: 18


2hs Spanish per day (Mon-Fri) + 1 Art lesson in the afternoon: U$275

2hs Spanish per day (Mon-Fri) + 2 Art lesson in the afternoon: U$290

If you are over 18 and you would like to take Spanish + Art for adults, please, email us.

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