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Spanish and Nature

Spanish and Nature

Spanish and nature in National Park Nahuel Huapi.
Spanish Program specially designed for nature enthusiasts who want to learn the Spanish language and enjoy the beauty of Patagonia.

Pque Llao Lao Mirador Brazo Tristeza
Who is this course for?

Nature enthusiast, biologists, photographers, bird-watchers, ornithologists, people interested on any natural history field, and for who enjoys spending time in the wilderness.

With our Spanish + Nature program, students can both learn Spanish and enjoy the most breathtaking sceneries in the world while learning about fauna and flora of Nahuel Huapi National Park. By combining Spanish lessons with excursions in the National Park students can also explore the wild in Patagonia and practice Spanish at the same time.

Students will take group lessons in the morning and go for different excursions in the afternoons and/or week-ends.
These outdoor activities are led by the nature interpreter Daniel Aldo Gomez, an experienced and renowned local biologist and nature photografer, so students can experience and learn from the different natural habitats present in the area: patagonian steppe, southern beech forest, transition forest, aquatic habitats (wetlands, rivers and lakes), among others.

Course Features

Number of students per class: min 2 students - max 6 students.
Lessons per week: 20 hours group Spanish lessons Mon-Fri + 2 half day excursions (each excursion will cover just one natural habitat)
Mininum Duration: 1 week.
Levels: Available for Basic, Intermediate & Advanced levels.

Cost: U$295 p.p. (Min: 2 people)

This program can be adapted according to students interests, for families or for specific groups.

What is included?

        • Welcome Pack
        • Orientation
        • Spanish Course Materials
        • Information about the National Park and excursions
        • After-Class Activities
        • Coffee, Tea and Snacks at school
        • Local Discounts and Benefits
        • Wi-Fi and Internet Access at school
        • Free Airport Pick Up*
*for courses of two weeks or more

See pics of our last Spanish and Nature excursion in https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152578073508901.1073741859.47206193900&type=1 and learn more about the excursion guide at https://www.facebook.com/notes/la-montaña-spanish-school/hoy-nos-visita/10152523402326075


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