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10 Things To Do in Rainy Days

By Mariya Nesheva

Autumn is beautiful in Bariloche – I would even say – the autumn in Bariloche is the most beautiful I have ever lived. The trees, the sunsets, the sunrises, the lakes, the mountains – everything turns into orange, yellow, red, purple… the colors are just magical!

And yet, there are days and weeks when the rain comes and one cannot really enjoy all the outdoor activities that Bariloche has to offer. So that is why I came up with a list of “ Things to do in Rainy Days”.

1. Focus on your Spanish – in those rainy days, you can really focus on your lessons and do your homework after school.

      2. Stay with us for our after-class activities – we will be cooking delicious argentine treats, watching a movie or playing games. (only in Spanish!)


     3. A day of chocolate – Visit the museum of chocolate and go for a hot chocolate in one of Bariloche’s famous artisanal   chocolate stores – We highly recommend Mamuschka or Rapanui (in calle Mitre, 5 min walking from school.)

     4. A day of Spa in Villa Sofia – enjoy a relaxing afternoon in the jacuzzi, sauna or the steam room, or treat yourself with a massage. This hotel is just 20 min walking from our school.
5. A Fondue evening – in cold days, a warm cheese fondue in one of the many cozy Swiss Restaurants in town or in Colonia Suica will really warm you up.

  6. A cultural day – visit El Museo de la Patagonia,  el Museo Paleontológico, or join a free guided tour of the famous Llao Llao hotel (every Wednesday at 3pm).

      7. Happy Hours in local breweries – there are many good micro-breweries in Bariloche – all making their own beer, and offering delicious pizzas and picadas: Blest, Berlina, La Cruz, Manush, Yeshka, Konna – the list continues but pls take at least 2 weeks to visit them all – we want you to be in class at 9am every day! (Happy Hours are usually between 6-8pm)

     8. Enjoy a delicious Argentine stake with a bottle of red wine – Our recommendation: Alto el Fuego. (10 min walking from school).

     9. Go to the cinema – try to watch a movie in Spanish! (in Shopping Patagonia)
    10. Spend more time with your host family – we highly recommend students to choose staying in a family. This allows them to fully immerse in Latin American culture, share home made meals, local customs and traditions and interesting conversations.
   I am sure that until you go down that list, the sun will be back and you can run into the next adventure!

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