viernes, 15 de mayo de 2009

Spanish Learning programs for families at Spanish in Bariloche.

If you and your family are planning an interesting trip toghether, including Spanish lessons, here you can read the opinion from a former Spanish student that came with her husband and daughters last June and attended lessons until las February. She acted as a reference for a prospective Spanish student that was interested in a Family Spanish program, and this is part of what Ann wrote:

'...As Veronica mentioned, my whole family has attended her language school since we arrived in Bariloche in June. My girls (10 and 12) have been going since we arrived. At first they were together, but more recently separate since my older girl's spanish has improved a lot. The classes incorporate games, conversation, drawing, stories, so they are a lot of fun. My husband was an utter beginner, and he is now more of an intermediate. For him, the school offered a step-by-step program, going through all the grammar and providing lots of opportunity for conversation. I am an advanced student, and so there really isn't a program for me. Instead I've gone intermittently for conversation and review. We've read some literature, and I've done some writing, which gets corrected. Even my Mom (79) attended for a few days while she was visiting. We've obviously been very pleased with the school. All the teachers are youthful, energetic, and welcoming. Veronica goes out of her way to be helpful. She's extremely flexible in terms of arranging times for classes and accommodating our sometimes complicated schedules. She also will set up extracurricular activities and help with any emergencies or issues that arise. We've had a few!...'
Thank you, Ann! I really enjoyed the time you spent with us!

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